1. Still excited ok. #tattooconvention #tattoo #dansmith #excitedstill

  2. ihartcolor:

    In the #process of completing this #art piece for the #serpensgallery #store front. Looking forward to see how it looks once @illustratemoore does his part on this #collaboration. If you’re in the Vancouver area next Friday you’re gonna have to check this show out. #paint #lights #colour.

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  4. beyonseh:

    when you’re in class and the group of people behind you won’t shut up


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  6. Thanks so much to @dansmithism for fitting me in last minute yesterday! #tattoo #butterfly #dansmith #yyc #tattooconvention

  7. sarcarstic:

    We’re having pizza for dinner, is that ok?


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  8. skeeterdayz:

    when yo friend is considering watchin yo favorite show


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  9. My stress levels right now.

  10. The Fort - Calgary live alternative entertainment


    Please help us by donating so we can actually have a new venue for calgary!!! support if you can! donate if you can!

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  11. ~you are perfect to me

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